3 Casino Games That Give You the Best Odds of Winning

A casino is a lively, exciting way to spend an evening. Just seeing the brightly lit games and hearing all the bells and whistles; it gets your adrenaline pumping! There are games that require a bit of skill and money (like Poker) and others that are mostly luck and can be played for dimes or nickels (like slots). Although most games are stacked in the casino’s favor, the goal is always to come out ahead, or at least even.

While still mostly a matter of luck, different games have better odds of winning you some dough. These table games offer a 50/50 chance of winning; the best a casino can offer:

Roulette-A roulette wheel has 36 numbered spaces and 2 green spaces on it. The 36 numbered spaces are alternating black or red. You simply place your bet on a red or green space, and when the roulette dealer (called a croupier) spins the wheel and drops the house ball, you win if it lands on the color you chose. You can try playing for higher winnings by numbers and colors, but your chances of winning will decrease.

Craps-This is another 50/50 chance game, but it’s played with dice. The “shooter” rolls a pair of dice and now needs to roll that same number again before he can win by rolling a ‘7’. That’s the gist of it, though; it’s the luck of the roll. There are a few more specifics to winning, so it would help to read up on the rules before playing.

Blackjack-a number of cards are dealt to the dealer and each player. Everyone turns over their cards and tries to score as close to ‘21’ as possible without going over. In this game, all the players are only playing against the dealer-not each other. So, if you stop with a score of ‘19’ and the dealer stops on ‘17’, you win. However, if the dealer stops at, say, ‘12’ and you go OVER ‘21’, you lose.

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