Common Games Offered in Casinos

Casinos and gambling sites are great entertainment joints for punters and gamers. Various games are offered which attract bonuses and winnings. Free games are also offered in many casinos for purposes of learning for newbies and entertainment. Discover some of the common games played in casinos today.


Poker is arguably a game of both luck and skills, though many poker gamers say it is more of skills than luck. Poker involves several card games with specific rules according to the gamers playing at a particular moment.

This game could go for various rounds with each round attracting a player to bet on the game. There are various free poker games too offered more in online casinos. Free poker sites include PokerStars and Borgata Poker.


This is one of the most played and popular games in casinos today. It involves players competing against the dealer, unlike poker. A total of 52 cards are used in this game with a total of five to seven players at a time. Options in this game include hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender, all signaled by the hand.


Also known as “little wheel,” from a French name, this is a popular casino game that attracts many punters. It involves odd and even numbers and colors. Bets are placed on a single or various groups of numbers with colors between red and black, with green being zero or neutral. A wheel is spun in one direction to determine the winning number while the ball rotates around the numbers and colors. Where the ball stands are the winning player depending on the color chosen too.


Monopoly is mostly played for leisure and fun but in other casinos, it is a gambling game. To play this game for betting, stakes are placed on the gamers and whoever wins, money is given to those who stake on them.

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