Brief History of Casinos

Gambling for most of our history was never legal. However, people always found ways to indulge in casino games sometimes in secrecy and other times with the involvement of the local police. For a long time, this state of things kept casinos from becoming legitimate businesses.

Nevada became the first state in 1931 to legalize casino gambling followed by New Jersey after a shocking forty-seven years. In the late 1070s, as casinos came up in Atlantic City and New Jersey, the Native American tribes led in the efforts of legalizing gambling in other parts of the country. The small bingo halls were then converted into large and profitable casinos.

As other states saw all the profit gained in the casinos, they too wanted a share of the cake thus allowing the legalization of casinos. In the years between 1989 and 1996, a total of nine states approved casino gambling. To date, casino gambling is legal everywhere.

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